Monday, April 3, 2023

Day + 25 Photo Shoot & Shirts


We made:  Mia's Making Marrow Shirts in honor of Mia making her own red cells for the first time in 20 years! CLICK HERE to see what they look like! 

Platelets are already up and running this morning. 

Megan was not Mia's nurse today but that didn't stop the T-Swift dance party with a red feather boa.

We love you Megan!

Mia is doing so good, she's definitely ready to bust out of the hospital though.

Will this be Mia's last night here?? Maybe ... so let the photo begin! We got a rare time with all the day shift nurses leaving and all the night shift nurses just coming on shift.

We love you ladies so much, we just couldn't have gone through all of this without any of you!

So much LOVE for the D6West CREW <3

Mia one day I could so see you working here with all these amazing people, after you've traveled the world for a bit and experience some life outside of a hospital away from an IV pole!!


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