Friday, December 11, 2015

Health & Wellness Night

We were invited to Back In Line Spine Chiropractic's Health Night...and they wanted to help Mia by having a Be The Match booth and a raffle...with all proceeds going to Mia's Marrow!! What a blessing!! We just can't believe it!!

Mia and Miss Barbara setting up the Be The Match Booth.

Angela was our very first cheek swabber...we love her so much!! Such a sweet lady (who helps my back feel better ;)

Katy put this whole event on and it was go great! It really was so much fun with lots of new people to meet, thank you Katy!

Mia telling people her story so they understood what Be The Match is all about. Go Mia, and your hair is on point!!

Our next cheek swabber was excited to do it...and it is very easy!

Next up was Katy...


We couldn't have done it without Miss Barbara!! She is the best volunteer for Be the Match and really knows her stuff, especially to all questions relating to Be The Match. (I get really emotional because this could save Mia's life, sometimes I can't get the right words out.)

Thank you Doctor Kovach for doing this for us and donating all the proceeds to Mia for her England trip that she wants to go on so badly to meet her family. We love your very kind staff who is the best, and thank you to Maddie the new Miss Arizona who also did the cheek swab for Mia!!! Also thank you to Scott Keppel who has always been there for us with helping our family to be healthy and letting us host blood drives for Mia at the gym. We love you all!


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