Friday, December 4, 2015

Mia's 134th Transfusion

Mia's all set to go getting her 134th (2 units) blood transfusion today. She always looks forward to her hospital day because she knows she will feel better afterwards.

If you are able to come to this December 14th blood drive / Be the Match drive...feel free!! The cheek swab is actually free ages 18-44 years old!! You could potentially save a life like Mia's. See our event page for more information. 

Homework Flow...oh yeah! Her Junior High teachers would be so proud!

Our precious Miss (Fancy) Nancy gave Mia the best Christmas ornament ever - My heart belongs to bacon!! she knows Mia so well! Thank you Miss Nancy...we love you so much!

Hmmm, I wonder who's this was/is. I hope they know they saved my life.

Psalm 73:26 - 'My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.' 

I love this girl! Always a smile no matter what she's going through.

Oh yeah, hey Taylor Swift, representing in the hospital!! We are so bummed Taylor Swift never saw how Mia and her sisters were gifted with tickets to her concert. you can watch it HERE

I asked Mia to caption this photo, she said: 'I'm just thankful that I get to have this, it reminds myself that I get another 3 weeks to live.' / Heartbreaking but happy at the same time. 

Heading down to the toy closet.

We are so thankful for little things, like getting to pick something out for getting poked all the time. It helps to bring a smile.

Ohhhhhhh yeah...we love #MusicTherapy - Miss Angela rocks. The first thing on Mia's Christmas list is a red guitar. Hoe fitting she swung by with her guitar.

So cute...Mia has always loved music.

We had a nice visit from our neighbor Ken. Mia always looks forward to his visits. So sweet!

After Mia's blood transfusion, she felt better blood wise, but sick other wise. Fever, sore throat...just a bad virus. Please pray she feels better we have so many blood drives / be the match drives we need to be at!!!


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