Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Doctor Appointment

You know it's Christmas when The Polar Express is playing in the doctor office! We love this movie!! Sure helps to take your mind off all the pokes. 

After finding Mia's Christmas list ... (See last blog post!) at her doctor appointment we got the Music room, and right on the wall is a guitar. Of all things, the first thing on her Christmas list!! It was meant to be. We have the coolest story to share about when we posted her Christmas list, will do so later. 

Music - is what feelings sound like. It says that on the wall behind her. Yes!! Mia has always loved music...she was born to perform!! Plus, #MusicHeals 

Let's get these labs's always hard trying to figure out the timing for all Mia's transfusions especially if we travel anywhere. So looks like Mia will cram in 2 transfusions in December since outpatient will be closed for Christmas and New Year's Eve. Ahhh! 

We love all the Christmas decorating going on at the hospital, it sure makes it feel warm and cozy!! 


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