Monday, December 14, 2015

Blood Drive & Be The Match Drive

We had such a great day at the blood drive that Mia's school hosted in honor of her!! Words won't be able to express how thankful our family is for all this support. 

Mia with a very special guy 'Skeeter' who has had all of our girls (except Madison) in Jr. high and we love him very much!! He has always been so supportive to our family and we couldn't thank him enough for coming out to donate blood in honor of Mia. Warms the heart.

Then Dad comes along, and it melts my heart. What a dad. Sharing his life in hopes for his daughter so that she may live again for the next three weeks. 

Both Dad and Skeeter rocking the Mia shirts!!

Mia and her Social Studies teacher Mr. Headberg. How'd we get so lucky to have such supportive teachers?!?! Madison you are in for a treat when you get to Jr. high!! 

Speaking of treats, we got to meet a bone marrow transplant survivor ... Irene who is a fellow teacher at Chandler High School!! She gives us HOPE. She has been free of illness for 8 years, to meet people like this is absolutely amazing and inspiring. She came down to say hi and to meet (the famous!) Mia!

We've got lots of cheek swabbers going on!!

Our Aubrey working the table...we love you Aubrey!

These sweet ladies from a private FB group called Ocotillo Friends posted Mia's blood drive and got lots of people to come who otherwise wouldn't have known about it. Thanks ladies!! It sure got many people to come and swab. Thank you so much!!

Mia's Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Titchenal came to donate blood for Mia!! Oh my gosh, She was literally the best teacher for patient, kind and loving - just what Mia needs!! We love you, and thank you for coming. I can't believe it!!

This is a GREAT story. So KC is a first time blood donor...he is 16. He goes to Highland High School and is in Mr. Allen's class!! His homework was to bring a friend and donate blood, to pass the class. (Oh Mr. Allen how we love you!) KC ended up at Mia's blood awesome!! Look at him go...pretty easy!! Thank you KC!!

Mia's friend Claire's dad...a Spanish teacher at Hamilton. Thank you so much Mr. Hoddy!!! Wow, what support from your family as his wife donated blood as well. Feeling the love!

Another fun treat is sweet Mia Clauss came to help volunteer along with Mia's little sis and so did Miss Arizona...Maddie! Thank you girls for coming to support Miss Mia!!!! The total donations were: 40 blood donations and about 40 cheek swabs for Be The Match. It only takes one to save a life!


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