Monday, January 29, 2018

Mia's MRI

Prayer request would be greatly appreciated if you are able to pray for Mia! It's that time of year...Mia's yearly T2* MRI of her heart & liver to see how much iron has deposited on her organs from all the blood transfusions. (The very thing that saves her life...ironically slowly damages your organs.) Did you know, heart failure due to myocardial iron overload remains the leading cause of death in patients with transfusion-dependent anemias? Thank goodness we have a medicine called Jadenu that Mia takes every day and it helps chelate or get rid of the extra iron that builds up in her organs to prevent iron overload. We always hope for the same or *lower numbers from her MRI scans and we won't find out for a few weeks. She’s going in without sedation today for the first time, and it’s a long MRI but in got this Mia!! Courage.
- Of course she did great...and prefers not to be put to sleep!


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