Sunday, January 7, 2018

United Blood Services - Blood Drive

Twice a year, UBS puts on a very large blood drive to raise
awareness of how important blood donations are in our state, 
as well as all over our country.
In the state of Arizona - we need 500 people to donate blood 
to keep our hospitals up to date with the blood that patients like
Mia NEED (REQUIRE) to stay alive.

We are so thankful to:
For all their hard work in keeping not only Mia alive,
but everyone else who needs a blood product to stay alive.

MOST IMPORTANTLY...we thank the people
who take the time out of their day to simply donate blood.
It truly is no big deal to some people, but...
you literally save lives when you do it.

Thank you UBS and all the people that work there for what you do.
Honestly, we could never say thank you enough. <3


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