Saturday, January 13, 2018

Madison Fills in For Mia

Mia had been looking forward to speaking at the 
Isagenix #NYKO 2018 conference for weeks.
Unfortunately, Mia was overcome by the flu the day
before she was supposed to go on stage speaking.
We were mortified.
This had never happened before as we have been
fortunate enough to always make most of our events
illness free.
Madison, Mia's little sister, 11 years old, 
said that she would step in for her big sis.
Thank goodness for Madison because
I don't know why we would have done!

Sweet Madison woke up to the questions, 'Hey Madison...
I have the biggest favor...can you go on stage for Mia in
front of 5 thousand people??'
Haha love you Madders.
Here she is in the green room before she went on stage.

Isagenx has raised $8.9 million for Make A Wish...

And has given away 938 wishes...AMAZING!

We are so sad that Mia couldn't be there, but the next best thing is 
Madders...who knew she could have a future in comedy??


PRESS PLAY in the VIDEO above!!! 

Madison rocking the stage with a head microphone and everything!

What a great team of people who can get stuff done!
Stephie - Isagenix Make A Wish coordinator
Aubrie - Be The Match Rep for Southwest
Madison - Guest Speaker
Me - Mom-ager
Lisa- Make a Wish International

Here are our Numbers:

Be The Match - Cheek swabs 

-Corporate Office 44
Day 1 - 12
Day 2 - 153 (Madison spoke)
Day 3 - 157
= 366 people added to the bone marrow registry
to potentially save a life!

Money Raised in a weekend for Make A Wish = $100,000.

Team Work is awesome, we are blessed.


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