Thursday, January 28, 2016

Be The Match Board Meeting

Girls night out on the town for a special dinner at Tempe Mission Palms for the Be The Match Board Meeting. Mia and Little sis Madi were so excited to help and be a part of something so awesome.

Here's our Arizona Be The Match crew. Mia, Madi, Miss Linda, Miss Aubrey, Chris, and dad. Lets do this guys!

Quick family pic...minus the two older sisters.

Sharing our story of living with Diamond Blackfan Anemia...Mia tells it the best because she lives it.

Thank you everyone for an amazing night!! We hope to help YOU recruit people to save lives. It's amazing what can happen when you surround yourself with like minded people, saving lives is our passion.

So nice to meet you Mr. Chell!! We will continue to share our story in hopes of inspiring people to sign up for Be The Match!

Madison somehow collected a lot of money for Be The funny! Madi you rock, and dad thinks you should be in sales!! 

We love you Aubrey!!! <3 And happy Birthday!!!


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