Monday, January 4, 2016

Mia's 135th blood transfusion

Mia made it since her last blood transfusion on December 4th to her doctor appointment the following year...January 4th!! She made it through Christmas, a vacation to California, New Year...AND over the weekend. Mind you, she was getting very pale and tired and we couldn't be seen since outpatient is closed for holiday's and weekends. Her finger poke proved her HGB was low at 9.0 so she was ready to be transfused. Mia decided that she needed to feel better now. So we headed straight over for a type and cross. (Usually we do this the day before but since Mia didn't have school we thought we'd try getting in now.)

A long wait over at registration to get us all checked in for the new year but that's OK because we are so thankful to have health insurance...what a blessing that has been to us all these years! We don't know what we'd do without our awesome insurance plan!!  #BLESSED 

After a few hours of waiting for blood Mia is finally underway, receiving two units of life saving blood today.  We always wonder who it was that donated it.

What a brave sweet girl...she instantly starts to feel better as her life slowly comes back to perk her up. January is National Blood Donor Month, and we don't know what we would do without all the blood donors out there taking time out of their day to help others like Mia simply survive. Grateful beyond words!!

Thank goodness for Movies in the hospital, we watched Disney's has lots of music in it so it was the perfect choice for Mia.

Walking the hospital hall ways...almost done and ready to go for the day. Mia will be back Thursday for her yearly MRI - which will measure how much iron from all the blood transfusions has accumulated on her heart and liver. 

Thank you Elsa, who makes these cute little images for Mia...we love it, and it's so true...With God ALL things are possible, even cures!!


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