Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mia's Yearly MRI

Thank you for all the prayers, thoughts, and well wishes as Mia went in for her yearly MRI to check the amount of iron that deposits on her organs, mainly the heart and liver,  with all her life saving blood transfusions. It's ironic that the blood the allows her to live longer on this earth is also the thing that slowly over time is a silent killer called iron overload. There is simply no easy way to take the iron out of transfusion patients. Thankfully DBA patients are living longer with chelation therapy through IV's and an oral medicine called Exjade. Mia hates, I repeat hates taking this awful tasting medicine, but as a know it HAS to be done. So good job Mia for taking your meds!

Are you nervous Mia? Because your blood pressure is a little high. Let's take deep breaths and redo it. It was much better the second time.

Ok time for a quick poke to get the IV going...we had our awesome nurse Miss Jamie...who likes to laugh a lot which we LOVE!!

A quick change into some awesome hospital gowns. #HospitalLife - they were actually quite comfy.

Alright girls, watch over my sweet girl nurse Jamie for her hour and a half sedated MRI. We love the awesome staff at Cardon Children's Medical Center.

Bye got this, you are brave. Courage. You are stronger than you think! Many people are praying for you!!

In what probably must have been a blink of an eye to Mia, it was over. It was definitely the best and quickest MRI we've had yet. 

Since her last blood transfusion was a kind of a quick decision to have that day, we didn't have time for her 4 hour desferal afterward, so Mia decided since we were at the hospital already for her MRI that we could just to the desferal after the MRI. Great thinking Mia!! The desferal acts as a chelator to help get rid of the extra iron.

We went ahead to the cafeteria for anything that Mia thought sounded good. French Fries and ranch...and cucumbers. Sounds good.

The day actually went by pretty quick, thank goodness Mia has a kindle given to her by PeppedUp to keep her busy. Thank you so much for keeping Mia in your prayers, it was a great day. We do not have the MRI results yet. Hopefully we will know soon. Thank you so much!!!


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