Friday, November 6, 2015

HOSA Conference / UBS

Mia was invited to share her story at the Hosa Conference in downtown Phoenix at the Convention Center to students thinking of going into the medical field.

Sharon surprised Mia with a red cape (because we all know she's a hero!) and Mia's name was embroidered on it. How thoughtful!! Thank you Sharon & Jeanette for thinking of her. That's a very special gift.

Hopefully Mia's story will inspire others to simply Donate Blood.

We made a special poster for Sharon to use at her blood drives...

Mia getting ready to speak in front of some students.

We read an Instagram post about when you donate give more time and memories.

Mia answering questions about her life...she rocks.

Mia you are so inspiring. I love the way you share your story that you live so well. You are the bravest girl ever to walk the earth. I am so proud of you.


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