Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fireside / Annual Affair

Mia and friend sitting fireside at the Camp Soaring Eagle Annual Affair. Mia is so blessed to be able to attend a free camp for kids with life threatening illnesses. The best part for parents is that it is medically supervised so even children with cancer taking lots of medicine can even go! CSE is the best!! 

A little practice run through of the song they sang in front of the whole dinner crowd...I fly like an Eagle... 🎤

As soon as Mia hopped off her private jet...she walked the red carpet to help with the social media booth. 

'Now, how can I get a pilot to take me to New York so I can see the sights and make it to a Broadway play??' Mia is wondering. It could make it from Arizona, with a few fill-ups...but it wouldn't make it to London, sorry Mia! 

Nice ride...

Mia with the founders of Camp Soaring Eagle, Max and Linda James. Thank you for helping kids like Mia get to camp...these kids are blessed because of you! 

Mia with her nurse who shares the same birthday 9/19 - and has taken care of Mia for 13 years! Besides all that, she volunteers as a camp nurse at CSE so kids like Mia will be medically supervised. How awesome is that?! We LOVE you Miss Christine...and you too Mr. Sponge Bob!!

Mia with one of the auction items...the cutest dog ever. Sorry Mia, he's taken.

Mia backstage with the Fox 10 News fun! We have watched then in the news for so long. Thanks for doing this fit all the kids to help raise money so kids can go to camp!! 


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