Friday, November 13, 2015

Mia's 133rd Transfusion

Getting all ready for Mia's 133rd blood transfusion. We started off the morning drawing extra blood. Mia has been a part of a bone marrow failure study through the NIH since 2004 and they (out of the blue) requested more blood for gene testing etc. I wish I could explain it better but it's very interesting. We are so thankful for our nurse Lynette who helped us draw all the samples and get Fed Ex to come pick it up right away to be sent back to their lab in Maryland. Whew! Maybe one of these years we will fly back there and do all the testing they have been wanting to do. (Only if it involves a trip to NY - wink! wink! Right Mia?!)

Go Mia, being all brave through about 7 tubes of extra blood to be drawn...don't worry, we will replace all that they took away!!

Making Veterans Day cards for a special neighbor and friend who served in the Vietnam War.

There's a very sweet girl in her PJ's...

Little sis came to be with Mia as well. She always makes it fun for Mia when she comes...thank you Madison for always helping to take Mia's mind off of what's going on. You make hospital days fun!!

Our special friend came to visit...our neighbor Ken who served in Vietnam always supports Mia. We've adopted him into our family. Thank you Ken for serving our country and to ALL past, present, & future who serve to keep us safe!! We are so appreciative of you!

Miss Denise is a very special nurse...she was Mia's first nurse the day after Thanksgiving (13 years ago!) when Mia was about 6 weeks old, Miss Denise went in with Mia during her bone marrow aspiration. We love you Denise!! Thank you for taking care of Mia all these years!!

Lunch date with dad. Mia loves it when he comes even if it's just for a little bit.

Doing homework...awesome job Mia!! ( I think she secretly would like her own lap top computer for Christmas 😁) 


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