Friday, February 10, 2023

Tucson Transplant Trip

Maddy, Mia's youngest sister is going to be donating her bone marrow to Mia. We have always thought all these years that we couldn't use one of Mia's siblings because they are not a perfect 10/10 match to Mia. So we have been searching the world for an unrelated match all this time, but to this day there simply isn't a 10/10 match. ( A few close ones in Europe ... 9/10) but as an unrelated donor not ideal for transplant. Fast forward, time and technology, through covid ... families that HAD to transplant were forced to do HAPLO transplants using only a half match family member. Siblings are automatically half matches. 
Mia has 3 sisters...and MADDY wants to help save Mia's life.

(On a side note about Maddy: we made a surprise Amazon Wish List especially for Maddy if you would like to surprise her with a gift card or something for being Mia's donor, that would be so fun! She is not expecting anything, and hasn't asked ... but we know she would appreciate it <3)

With Mia not making any red blood cells ... this part was rough. They took a lot o blood for testing etc. which of course they have to do, but they took so much she almost fainted. Poor girl. So after laying down and starting some fluids, she felt better. She was fasting too because she had a bone marrow biopsy to get too under anesthesia. 

Maddy had a lot of labs as well. What a brave girl ... such a CHAMP!!! Go Maddy!

Time for Mia's bone marrow aspiration ... hopefully the next time they do this she WILL be making her own red blood cells. 

She was really cold and sedated ... they said its normal to have low blood pressure after anesthisia,
so tiltting her bed and putting her feet up helped.

Groggy and cold ... next time wear really fuzzy socks!! 

After meeting with the social worker, Mia was wheeled down to register for her ECHO & EKG.

The echo was so cool ... so neat to see her heart beating away.

Then a quick EKG.

Then after that a few X-Rays ... oh my what a long day!

Of course Mia was put in a room with Be Brave ... her tatoo on her arm says BRAVE. That's exactly what you are Mia!

Dad was there too ...

We can finally go home! Stay strong Mia ... you got this! And Maddy too ... both of you girls are so brave, kind, and caring. 


- That God would guide the transplant team. 
- Prayers for Maddy as it gets closer, she has never had any major health issuses and is volunteering to do     this for her sister.
- The tranpslant works ... and Mia's body engrafts the new cells she will recieve. 
- Pray for Mom to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to help Mia with anything she needs.


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