Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Another Tucson Transplant Appt.

We had another successful day of testing in Tucson. Mia had more labs ... in the 
Diamond Children's Cancer Clinic. Then we were off down the street to the 
Banner University Cancer Clinic for a consult and practice run / measurements for
full body radiation Mia will be getting a day or 2 before the transplant.

Thank you Dr. Stea for explaining everything so well for us. We appreaciate that. Such a nie group of hlepful and caring people. 

We had a GREAT lunch at Mi Nidito (best beans ever!) Dad and Mia saw that the Pizza review guy ate here, so we had to try it too! Haha.
Waiting in between our next appoinment with pulmonary.

Super intersting, just getting a baseline of needed in the future. This lady works with
a lot of Cyctic Fibrosis patients which made us think of Josh .... YEWWWWWWW!

We made it through! Yay, now Mia can rest and relax for a week until another
transfusion in POTC in Mesa, where she usually is. Then she will be admitted 
down at Diamond Children's Fb. 27th.

It's definetly getting REAL.

Prayer Requests

1. That Mia and Maddy would remain healthy until the transplant day.
2. That Mia's port o cath surgery goes well on Monday the 27th.
3. Just prayer for the doctors and staff who will be tkaing care of Mia & Maddy's short stay down in Tucson.
4. Mom and dad to just breathe and be the best helpers like never before. 

Thank you so much for foloowing along Mia's journey. <3 



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