Thursday, February 16, 2017

Mia's Type

Well, it's a long story...but after a look in the Be The Match
Regisrty (world wide) Mia does NOT have a perfect 10/10 match.
There was one person, a 29 year old somewhere from Europe who
was the closest match at a 9/10.
Not close enough for us to risk a transplant though.
If you know Mia at all, and how she's an Anglophile - 
this made her so happy! We are not sure it's exactly from 
England but we are pretending, since her Grannie and all her
family are from there.
*On a side note, if Mia ever gets to transplant, we will be taking her on a special trip to 
England before all the transplant stuff would happen.

There is another option for transplant called a Haploidentical transplant
which would use one of her sisters as a half match.
We drove down to Diamond Children's in Tucson had 2 of Mia's sisters
tested as well as mom and dad. 

Mia was the only one NOT poked weird is that?!
But she was a great hand holder!

You can do it Madison...she was a bit nervous
but Mia does this all the time, so Madison was really brave just
like her sissy Mia.

Way to go Madison!

Dads turn...he donates blood all the he's used to pokes.

Mia's feeling left out with no poke, but don't you worry Mia,
you'll be poked soon enough!!

I'm so proud of these girls being there for Mia.


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