Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Break Travels - Thanks to Blood Donors

Thanks to blood donors, I can live to see the daffodil fields.
~ Skagit Valley, Washington

Mia can also sit by a camp fire thanks to blood donors...

With her sisters.

And Mia's cousin Devee.

Mia can blow bubbles in the wind...

And see pink cherry trees, thanks to blood donors.

Mia can walk with her sisters in little towns,

And take the train to Seattle, thanks to blood donors.

Mia can walk through Pioneer Square,

And Pike Place Market, thanks to blood donors. 

Mia can see the fish that swim in the sea,

at the Seattle Aquarium, thanks to blood donors.

Mia can be herself,

And visit cool places...thanks to blood donors.

The best part, is spending time with family, like her Grannie
who taught her how to knit. Priceless. 

Thank you to everyone who takes the time out of their day to donate blood. 
Without you, Mia would not be able to go on all these adventures in LIFE.
We are truly blessed because of you. 
Thank you to God for allowing more time on this earth.


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