Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mia's 139th Blood Transfusion

Here we are again...#139. 2 units this time...
so hopefully we will not be back for at least 3 weeks. 

We watched the Lion King, and this is Mia's new theme song.
She needs to stop the 'worrying' about anything...
as it's causing her Psoriasis to flare up.

We took this photo to post on Easter morning!!
Too cute, especially with the candy carrot hanging
on her IV pole. Happy Easter!

This was taken at her doctor appointment on Monday, just 
a friendly reminder that you go this Mia!

What a cutie visiting the kids...we love our pups!!

Of course it always helps when you have your
sis to hold your hand.

Here is Mia's Youtube Video thank blood donors for donating blood. Feel free to pass this on to anyone you know that helps to save lives!

Oh my...when you wait for over an hour at the doctor office..., where are you???!! Haha
These girls love Adele!


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