Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mia's 161st Blood Transfusion

Poor sweet Mia. Her counts were SO low and her Dr. Appointment wasn't
even until the following Monday.
Just by the way she was acting, I knew she wasn't herself. 

While Mia slept the whole morning, we had a visit from:

What a sweet letter from another family fighting for their
sons life...

Kindness and paying it forward for the win!

Thank you Hopekids for Mia's Amazon Gift Card
just in time for her birthday!

FINALLY feeling better after 2 units.
She never got out of the hospital bed because she was
so exhausted.

Once a year, Build a Bear comes to the hospital,
and Mia got a Bear and picked out an Army
outfit because she's tough!
- So are you Mia -

We had a nice surprise for lunch from 
Dad and Alyssa.

Then after a while it was time to go home!!
We couldn't be more grateful to the generous 
blood donors who keep Mia alive every 3 weeks.
What a gift of life.
No words could express my thankfulness!