Friday, August 11, 2017

Mia at the D'Backs -1st Pitch

Mia and her BFF Clare ready to go at the D'Backs Game!
The Mix 96.9 gave us all shirts to wear, SO awesome of them.

Ready to go on the field girls?

They really had so much fun!

Mia & Clare

Welcome to 90's night!

One of the cool parts was that Mia got to meet Sugar Ray
aka Mark McGrath since he's doing a 90's concert after the game.

Pics pics pics!

Too cute...

Literally just hanging out on the baseball field.

Thanks to friends who took these for us!

Waving to the sweet lady who put the words on the back of our
shirts for free! Mia said she'd wave to her, so sweet.

Go Mia!

I'm sure Matt always thought he'd be the one to be pitching 
out there in the field...but no, it's Mia!

After, Mia had the catcher sign the ball and Mark McGrath!

Ok, mom...seriously...what are you saying??

Haha, so fun!

Nice to meet you Mark, you rocked the concert, loved it!

Elevator selfie!

Mia and Clare = ice cream

IF you haven't visited Mia's link for Be The Match -
You can CLICK HERE - Match4Mia 

One day she will find her MATCH!

After the D'Backs sadly lost to the Cubs, we went outside
to the Pepsi VIP area for the 90's concert.

We had SO much fun!!! 
Mom and Dad might have had a little too much fun while feeling
old. Haha! Thank you so much to everyone who made this so awesome for us!
ESPECIALLY the Mathew Blades Show!!

BE SURE to watch this VIDEO of Mia's interview on the radio
and Mia throwing out the 1st pitch!! SO MUCH FUN!