Friday, June 30, 2017

Mia's 158th Blood Transfusion

Transfusion days are...long, tiring, but extremely reviving.
Each transfusion day guarantees Mia another 3 weeks
to live. She is a great reminder to Live Beautifully. 
(Just like her shirt says...from Sweet T's)

Thank you Mia for being a reminder to live joyfully even
though your circumstances are not what I wish for you.
If I could bottle up your contagious joy I would, because there are people
suffering who could use it. 

PLEASE take the time to donate blood if you can...currently from 
coast to coast there is a nation wide shortage of blood products that are
available on the shelves. Patients like Mia REQUIRE this blood to live. 
We cannot go buy her medicine at a pharmacy...her medicine is your 
blood that keeps her alive and it has to be donated from someone like you. 

The BEST part of this day was Mia being able to hang out 
with her friends. How sweet of them to visit her...they had the
best time just hanging out.

Checking out her IV pole...

So sweet.

I love hearing the laughter...especially in a hospital.

The girls got to go up to Sophie's Place and sing...
a little music therapy is good for the soul.

Thank you to Clare and Gianna for hanging out with Mia today...
Mia is so blessed to have friends like you.
Thank you God for selfless people that take the time to donate blood
so my sweet girl can live.


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