Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Crossroads Nazerene Youth Group

Mia had the chance to speak to the youth group about 
the importance of donating blood during one of their 
gatherings at their Church. 
These students are having a contest to come up 
with some kind of campaign to raise awareness of the 
importance of donating blood.

Mia hopes to be a judge and help pick out who wins
this creative contest. It can be art work, a play, a video..
photo or anything. How fun!
One of the prizes is one of Mia's #DonateBlood shirts
that she designed. SO Cool!

Thank you to Barbara the blood drive coordinator
at the church for reaching out to see if Mia could speak...
she clearly loved it, I thought she would never
give up the microphone!
And of course a special thanks to Sharon our 
United Blood Services Representative for 
always being there with us, and for us!


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