Sunday, December 18, 2016

Be The Match - PTAChandler

Mia braved the cold on Saturday from 9-2pm to help
with the Be The Match booth at a flag football game.

We were hoping to get a lot of people to sign 
up to help potentially save lives this Christmas season.

We had a handful...and were really hoping for at least 10 people
to join the marrow registry.

Thank you  to Pastor Tyler Johnson for signing up...
and to his wife Hayley for signing up below!

Awesome job to the volunteers who sat in the cold to get a 
few cheeks swabs.

We were hoping for 10, and we got it!!
Thank you so much for being our 10th person to 
register for Be The Match!!
You could potentially save a life just like Mia's.

The tournament collected all these toys for Mia's hospital...there were so many, 
what a great problem to have!!


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