Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cardinals Pre-Season Be the Match Drive

The day after Mia's 145th, we headed over to Glendale for the last Cardinals
pre-season football game to help with a Be The Match booth.
It helps having someone like Mia to be able to share her story and
inspire people to want to help save lives.

Go Cards! Our very first tickets to sit in the arena at a game...
even though we should be helping at the booth, haha!

Not a bad view from our Be The Match booth!

Looking for heroes to save a life...and it could be you reading this!!
CLICK HERE to see how you can save a life like Mia's.

We had a swarm of cheek swabbers - which is SO awesome!! We
don't mind it getting super busy when we are trying to help save live!!
Thank you to all the Cardinal and Broncos fans for signing up.


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