Thursday, September 19, 2019

Mia's 17th Birthday - at the Hospital - 195th blood transfusion!

Happy 17th Birthday Mia - she spent her actual birthday at the
hospital receiving her 195th blood transfusion.

In honor of her special day...
Mia and her birthday twin and special nurse - Miss Christine - 
collected gift cards for teens in the hospital.
They received over $1,000. to buy gift cards
so teens can get a special surprise after treatments.
We have a wonderful toy closet for children but
teens (including Mia) don't go in there because they don't 
pick out toys.

Hey Dad!

Hey Mom!

We said a big thank you to everyone who donated 
and put their names on a sticky note on Mia's 
hospital room door.
What a great birthday treat to be able to give back
to the hospital that helps save Mia's life every month.


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