Friday, January 4, 2019

Luis Gonzalez #183

During Mia’s 183rd blood transfusion today...she had a visit from Luis Gonzalez, you might know him as Gonzo, from the @dbacks ⚾️ He is helping Mia raise awareness of how important it is to donate blood via @vitalantaz - especially this Sunday at the @tempearts from 7am - 1pm... AND ... @bethematch will be there as well ... so you can donate blood and sign up to see if you are a bone marrow ‘match’ to Mia! Whew...what a busy day. When you donate blood, you also get a voucher for a free pizza from: @streetsofnewyorkpizza 🍕 *Did you know, that Gonzo is the one of the nicest guys ever?? He even face timed Mia’s dad —> swipe to see!! We are so blessed and thankful to have amazing people help us spread the word about saving lives! Be sure to look fir the story this weekend on @arizonasfamily 


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