Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mia's 137th Blood Transfusion

Mia had her 137th blood transfusion today...
only 1 unit today because of a going out of town situation, 
so she will be back very soon to get her regular 2 units
before heading out of town. We have to make sure
Mia feels good before we leave!

It was a pretty quick day today...

We had a nice visit from Camp Soaring Eagle ... Mia's 
favorite medically supervised camp so kids
with life threatening illnesses can go have fun with
other kids and not feel alone. 

Mia was busy drawing for a see if it can be put on a shirt
for a fundraiser for the hospital school.
So cute!!

Of course it had to do with school...this is what Mia drew.

As always...we are so thankful to everyone who takes the time
to simply donate blood. Without you, Mia would not be alive.
We could never say thank you too many times...
her life is precious to our family. 
Thank you Blood Donors!!


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